Our Value Proposition

Catalytics and its staff are committed to 100% transparency and integrity in our modelling, work, and agreements. We strive to advance society, never putting an individual ahead of an organization and never putting an organization ahead of society. We create value by providing the best available scientific calculations and data, respecting market norms and never exceeding the bounds of peer-reviewed science.

Quality above all else must prevail within the models, along with delivery and training, to ensure that our clients are able to professionally assess and mitigate risk.

The correct in-house use of Catalytics models should translate into a better understanding of risk spread, peak risk exposure, and probabilistic financial scenario loss, leading to improved portfolios and balance which benefits all within the value chain.

Many areas of the ASEAN and Asia have been under modelled for most natural perils for far too long.

Those days, thanks to Catalytics are coming to an end.

By constantly using Catalytics software for in-house risk mitigation, analysis and the resultant effects can easily be demonstrated to reinsurance and retrocessional partners to promote long-term stability and knowledge based pricing of risk.

There is no doubt that those executives who understand this fact and employ the use of Catalytics models will propel their businesses into greater profitability and enter the modern modelled world ahead of the competition.

Sophisticated larger insurers, reinsurers, and institutions with resources can customise the Catalytics models to suit their own scientific knowledge base and portfolio knowledge, improving exposure readings and potentially leveraging resultant output to competitive advantage.