Our Mission

Catalytics and its staff, be they programmers, scientists, academics, trainers, modellers, or sales people, are committed to working tirelessly to bring affordable, high-quality catastrophe modelling and catastrophe risk management to the ASEAN and other surrounding regions through knowledge transfer, transparency, partnership, and upliftment.

Catalytics delivers the next generation of catastrophe analytics, combining data efficacy, established scientific standards and algorithms, great graphics, flexibility and customisation, with clearly understood output reports.

Catalytics strives to collaborate and integrate with local institutions, associations, and government bodies to advance the knowledge and understanding of catastrophe risk, thus focusing on mitigation of risk for the benefit of all.

Catalytics aims to provide advanced knowledge and analytical assessment of potential risks before a natural disaster event occurs which fundamentally benefits the financial health, underwriting results, and strategic investment plans of the insurance industry and ultimately the GDP of a nation.